Getting Started

A set of guides for new employees to learn about the Hazard Scout website and apps.

7 articles

iPhone & Android App

FAQ and help resources for the Hazard Scout iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

13 articles

My Account

Information on setting up your account, preferences, notifications, etc.

10 articles

Video Guides

Video-based walk-throughs of various Hazard Scout modules.

31 articles


Instructions for setting up notifications and having them sent to your device.

7 articles


Assistance for administrators who will be managing the company's Hazard Scout site.

34 articles


A set of guides for creating, managing, and viewing reports (aka forms).

14 articles


Information on setting up and managing training, lessons, and credentials.

9 articles


How to send, view, and manage acknowledgments (aka alerts).

2 articles


How to manage equipment, inspections, and custom forms for equipment.

8 articles


How to view, upload, and manage resources (such as pdfs or other documents).

3 articles

QR Codes

Guides related to the equipment and employee Hazard Scout QR Codes.

2 articles